Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Warriors 4/1 Pick and Pop

One particularly interesting play I've noticed the Warriors running this year is a 4/1 pick and pop.  That is, a pick and pop where the power forward is the ballhandler and the point guard is the screener.  The Warriors most often run it with David Lee and Stephen Curry.  Last night against the Bobcats they ran it to perfection for one of Curry's career high eight threes.
Steph Curry enters the ball to David Lee in the post and starts to run through like he is clearing out.  Lee has been deadly in the post (14th best points per play in the league per Synergy) so this is an option the Bobcats must respect.
Instead of clearing out though, Curry sets a screen on Bismack Biyombo and Lee dribbles around him towards the middle.  Now Lee has the option to continue down the middle and score or pass to the weakside wing or corner if Kemba Walker doesn't step up to stop him.
Kemba Walker does step out to stop Lee, but that takes him away from Curry.  By the time Biyombo  recovers and Walker can go back to Curry, he is already starting his shooting motion.  One of Lee's eleven assists and Curry's eight threes.  This play is a quick hitter that most teams will have no idea how to defend.  It could end with Lee barreling down an open lane or a Steph catch and shoot three.  Here it is in real time:

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