Sunday, December 23, 2012

DTA's Talk With a Cavs Front Office Member

I had the chance to talk with someone inside the Cleveland Cavaliers organization this Sunday.  Here are a couple of notes on our conversation:
  • "Rumors are rumors."  Those were his thoughts when I mentioned the Anderson Varejao situation.  When I talked about Varejao as one of the best centers in the league he gave an emphatic nod.  We know the Cavs organization loves the Brazilian center and this only reinforces it.  "We aren't just going to trade him for nothing," he said about Varejao whose value for the Cavs is as high as ever.  He did mention at the end though that if the right offer came up, a move was possible.
  • The Cavs have made two unexpected selections at the fourth overall pick the previous two years. I asked him what the organization saw in the two players to make them what some consider reaches.  He talked about Tristan Thompson's upside, defense, and rebounding and noted Thompson's double-double on Saturday night.  He also salivated over Waiters ability to get to the rim (note: Waiters is shooting 37.8% at the rim this season). He talked about the organization doing their own thing and not looking at what the media or other teams thought.

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