Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A Fun Little Play the Warriors Have Been Running

There was one play ran a couple of times I specifically noted when watching Monday's game, a tough loss to Sacramento.  It uses some really basic components to get multiple options at a good look.

After coming down the floor, the ball goes in to Carl Landry (or David Lee) in the high post.  This in itself is a safety valve; if the play blows up, Landry can always isolate on his man.  After sending the ball to the elbow, Curry cuts to the corner where a normally a wing player will be waiting.
Curry sets a screen for Klay Thompson who cuts towards the basket where Landry can pass to him for an open layup.  It hasn't happened yet, but I imagine that Thompson also has the option to fake the middle and pop to the three point line.  Also notice on the weakside David Lee beginning to set a back screen for Harrison Barnes.
Thompson is covered up well on his cut which springs the second action: a wing two man game.  The great thing about this is whats happening on the weakside.  If hedged hard, Curry can slip a pass to Barnes for an open three behind David Lee.  David  Lee's man (right above the block/charge arc, facing the camera) won't be able to help on the three as he is already helping on the Klay cut.
The screen and roll is run as usual.  Curry commits and the weakside action ends.
Curry pulls up for an open jumper he makes at a high rate.  Curry misses this one, but the point is that a high percentage look was created.  Keep your eye out for this next game.  Here are two examples of it in real time:

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