Monday, November 5, 2012

Brandon Jennings' Game Winner

The contract extension deadline for the class of 2009 passed last Wednesday night, Brandon Jennings un-extended.  The Bucks southpaw has shown flashes, but poor shot selection and immaturity ultimately has led the Milwaukee organization to allow him to hit restricted free agency next year.  On Saturday night, however, Jennings showed what he could do, hitting a game winning triple has the buzzer sounded.

The Bucks come out of bounds in a pretty standard look.  Monta Ellis is in the far corner, Jennings on the low block.
Ellis runs around a screen from Ilyasova and toward the top of the key.  The Cavs switch; Ellis' man is now on Ilyasova and vice versa.
Ellis, the first option is smothered coming around the top of the key, springing the second option on this out of bounds play into motion.  Ilyasova prepares to set a down screen for Jennings who isn't giving his man any clue as to which direction he will go. 
The Cavs in the lane become tangled up, leaving Jennings to run free off the screen at the free throw line.  Mike Dunleavy fakes toward Ellis, confusing the defense more. 
Then, Dunleavy bullets the ball to Ellis at the top.  Anderson Varejao jumps out to help, but is too late as Jennings swishes the fade away three.

I'm not the biggest Jennings fan, but his play thus far has been pleasantly surprising.  He was named eastern conference player of the week, nothing to be scoffed at, and hit this to put the Bucks at an improbable 2-0.  When summer rolls around, it will be interesting to see what types of offer sheets Jennings gets and whether or not the Bucks match.  If plays like this keep coming, who knows how much teams will be willing to pay.  

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