Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Warriors Clinch it on a Slip Screen

Golden State came away with a win against the Phoenix Suns, despite being outplayed much of the second half and David Lee and Stephen Curry combining to go 4-30.  Holding a one point lead with the ball in the final minute, the Warriors went to a bread and butter play designed to get Carl Landry the ball.  Landry was effective the entire game, scoring 17 points in a very efficient manner.  Here is the play:
Jarret Jack dribbles at the top of the key waiting for a Carl Landry screen, in what looks to be a standard screen and roll.
Instead of setting the pick however, Landry cuts to the opposite elbow.  This catches Marcin Gortat by surprise as he is expecting to have to hedge.
This leaves lots of room for Landry on a shot he can knock down consistently.

Some interesting things of note from the game:
  • Landry was playing crunch time (and playing well), and I'm assuming this is because of Bogut's status.  The Lee/Landry lineup will have trouble with defense and on the boards, but it is tough to stop on offense.
  • The Warriors played small a ton with Klay Thompson moving to the three and Stephen Curry playing off the ball.  I will look into the lineup numbers on this once there is a larger sample size.
  • Festus Ezeli is a legitimate backup center.  He rebounded and covered space well and will learn the subtleties of defense from Andrew Bogut.   




  1. Love these play breakdowns. Would you ever consider doing, not game recaps, but something along the lines of a Thoughts/Notes post: things you look for in your analysis that GSW either did or did not do. You wouldn't be doing just another game recap, -of which there are many-, it would be a De-Thurmond look at some GSW game that you watch. That would make for interesting reading!

    1. Certainly going to be doing things like that, stay tuned.