Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Drawing Up Jan Vesely's Alley-Oop

This is one nicely drawn up Wizards play that I noticed in a loss against the Cavs.

This set starts off with Veseley getting the ball on top of the three point line.

He then gives the ball back to the point guard and runs toward the basket.  He gets a down screen a little above the free throw line to give him the necessary space to receive an oop.

Luke Walton gets stuck on the screen, giving Veseley miles of space to catch and finish.  The helper, Tyler Zeller, comes, but too late to stop the dunk and too early to not get posterized.

Here's the play in real time:
Look for a lot of this kind of thing from the Wiz this year.  With both John Wall and Nene out, Washington has no sure thing offensive weapon and will have to rely on teamwork more often than not.  The incredibly raw, but athletic Vesely should get the chance to finish a lot of plays similar to this.

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