Monday, September 24, 2012

What Does Jarret Jack Bring to the Warriors

There will not be a crisis when Stephen Curry goes out of the game

What does he bring to the table?
  • Smart ball handler who does not turn it over (16th highest assist/turnover ratio among players who had played at least 20 games at over 15 MPG) 
  • Great pick and roll ball handler (0.94 points per possesion (PPP), 19th in the NBA)
  • Polished scorer who shot above 40% from every spot on the floor
  • Can hit from deep (shot a good but not great 36.1% on spot up threes)
  • Creates his own offense (only 27.1% of his baskets were assisted)
  • Great rebounder (4.6 rebounds per 40 minutes)
What does he take off of it?
  • Not a good defender (allowed 0.89 PPP overall 302nd in the league and averaged a mere 0.81 steals per 40 minutes)
  • Inefficient, high volume isolation player (shot 34% on isolations and only drew a foul 3.5% of the time.  Despite that, isos were 15% of his possessions)
  • High usage (23.32) for a player of his caliber
When Chris Paul was traded last offseason, Jarret Jack was put into the starting point guard role.  He did not do a bad job taking over for the best point guard in the NBA.  This year Jack will spell Stephen Curry and be a solid spot starter, something the Dubs were in sore need of with Curry's ankle woes.  He will take off some pressure to start that Curry might feel.  I am very interested to see how coach Mark Jackson uses Jack.  Jack has the size to defend 2s and the handle to play the point.  One thing I want to see is for Jack to be in the game with Curry.  Curry can be curling off screens and hitting threes and Jack can be handling the ball.  Jack adds a lot of options and can be part of some very unique lineups for this Warriors team.    

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