Friday, September 21, 2012

Pick and Roll Rotations

In a post from yesterday on an interesting Nets lineup, I mentioned how effective the pick and roll would be. Quote: Williams could dish to a rolling Lopez who would have two options:  either finish strong, or pass to the strong side corner where a Net would be wide open for three because of the rotation to cover Lopez.   To illustrate further what that means, I have marked up a similar play.

 This play starts of with a Manu Ginobli/Tiago Splitter pick and roll.  Notice Kawhi Leonard in the strong side corner.

Splitter sets a good screen and starts on his roll.  Ginobli, who now has two men on him, fires a beautiful bounce pass to Splitter.  Now that Splitter has the ball with nobody on him in the lane, Kevin Durant has to rotate over.  This leaves Leonard wide open.

With Kevin Durant now in front of him, Splitter stops on a dime (how many times will you here that!) and dishes to the open Leonard.

Leonard splashes the three despite a great recovery from the long Kevin Durant.

The main point I want to get across is how the roll man can force a rotation from the corner and dish for a three.  And if the rotation comes late?  That, my friends, will usually be a posterization.

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