Friday, September 21, 2012

Lineups I Want To See: Toronto Raptors

My completely irrational Linas Kleiza love

PG: Kyle Lowry
SG: Jose Calderon
SF: Linas Kleiza
PF: Andrea Bargnani
C: Jonas Valanciunas

·            Size
·            Interior scoring
·            Shooting
·            Pick and roll
·            Size and defense on the perimeter
·            Speed
Style: With two point guard lineups becoming the rage in the NBA this combination of players is sure to see the floor at some point.  This lineups most effective weapon will be the pick and roll.  Kyle Lowry and Jose Calderon are both excellent pick and roll ball handlers and they have two great weapons Andrea Bargnani can splash it from outside on a pop and the athletic Jonas Valanciunas who is a strong finisher near the basket.  The wild card on offense will be Linas Kleiza.  Kleiza is one of the more versatile players in the NBA.  He can handle the ball or roll/pop on the screen and roll.  He can bang inside or hit from outside.  This is probably just me overreacting because of the Olympics (Linas is one of those players whose skillset fits the international style but not the NBA), but I still think he can be effective to some degree.
            Dual PG lineups are naturally going to have some issues with perimeter size, but nothing that cannot be covered up by strong rim protection.  Valanciunas projects well defensively in the NBA, but his big man partner is notorious for uninspired D.  What this unit gives up on one end will hopefully be made up on the other.   


  1. you are a true fan i respect that cause Toronto is going to be pretty bad this year.

    1. First of all I'm not really a raps fan and second I think they might be ok this year. They bring over Jonas and have Andrea healthy. Plus they have a top 10 pg in Lowry

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