Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Where are the Warriors' Shots Coming From So Far?

This shot distribution chart isn't quite ideal.  Nearly 15% of the Dubs shots are coming from the area right above the elbow.  Not good.  Most of the Warriors threes this year have come from the wing.  Not good.  One thing I like to look at is the combined percentage of shots at the rim and at the two corners.  These, after all are the two best shots in the game.  As a reference, the San Antonio Spurs' number is 54.5.  Golden State's you ask?  46.9.  Again, not good.  I'm saving my rant on what Mark Jackson is running on offense for a later post, whichever way you look at it, it isn't pretty.  The number of long range jump shots show the reliance on isolation sets.  Honestly what do you see more often in isolation?  A quick penetration or layup or a slow dribble/stare-down followed by a fade-away jumper.  I haven't included a standard shot chart showing makes and misses.  This chart isn't necessary.  It's about the process; what matters is that the Warriors are taking good shots.  Even if the shots aren't falling, a good shot was taken and at this point, that's all that I really care about.

Shot chart courtesy of the stats tool.   

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