Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Three Trades That Make Sense

Why it works for the Bucks:
They get the big name player they want. Whether or not signing Josh Smith to a long term max deal is a good decision is a discussion for another day, but the Bucks seem intent on doing it. They only give up Ersan Ilyasova, a player they don't seem committed to building around anyway, just after signing him to a long term deal.

Why it works for the Rockets:
Ilyasova doesn't muck up the flexibility Houston this summer and is a perfect player for this team. He can shoot from outside, is a massively underrated rebounder, and doesn't play defense which, well, fits with this team. While Terrence Jones is a really nice prospect, it's unlikely he passes either Marcus Morris or Patrick Patterson on the depth chart and the Rockets have already been floating him out per Adrian Wojnarowski. Ilyasova is better than both of these established players and on an affordable long term deal.

Why it works for the Hawks:
It's pretty much a given at this point that J-Smoove is not going to re-sign in Atlanta so the best they can do is move him for something. Here, they get a really nice young player in Jones and an expiring deal in Samuel Dalembert. They also keep their max cap space this summer. (Side note: oddly enough, if I were to pick a player for Jones' game to mirror it would be Smith's. Athletic tweener, lefty, takes so dumb shots, lots of potential, good on D.)

Why it works for the Rockets: 
Houston is the most iffy team in this deal. While this move doesn't compromise their cap space, it's questionable whether or not the Rockets would want to take on the aging Marion. His contract is expiring next year and they would be able to re-sign him on the cheap, but at that point he would be 36 with plummeting athleticism. Still: he is a perfect fit for this Rockets system (similar in ways to the SSOL era Suns) and they have would have to give up relatively little to acquire him.

Why it works for the Mavericks:
They get Marion's deal off their books and effectively begin the rebuilding process. At this point the playoffs are out of reach and they are better off cutting money and tanking. Hickson is a expiring and while they won't have his Bird Rights it would be better off to let him go anyway. The sweetener is the Blazers 2014 unprotected 1st round pick.

Why it works for the Blazers:
This is a dream deal for Portland. They let go of the already-being-shopped Hickson and get a better player in return. Hayward has been a huge positive impact whenever he has stepped on the floor for the Jazz and he still is on his rookie deal. Tony Douglas is a thrown in to make the money work, but has been a quite solid role player this season and is better than Ronnie Price and Nolan Smith.

Why it works for the Jazz:
They get a poor man's Gordon Hayward in Jae Crowder and a guy with a ton of potential in Donatas Motiejunas. While he hasn't gotten consistent minutes yet, Donuts is one of the most versatile big men you'll find around the NBA.

Why it works for the Suns:
(Waiting for you to stop laughing about Monta Ellis and Michael Beasley on the same team) For whatever reason the Suns are intent on getting Ellis and this is a fairly effective way to do it. They give up the unhappy Marcin Gortat and Jared Dudley who has been shopped like crazy. They give up the Lakers' pick that they get if LA misses the playoffs, but also get back a serviceable center in DeJuan Blair.

Why it works for the Spurs:
They get the ultimate Spurs player in Jared Dudley, and while his defense isn't up to par with Stephen Jackson's, Kevin Durant getting his points is a given at this point. Marcin Gortat, made one of the best pick and roll big men in the league by Steve Nash, should thrive with creative players like Manu Ginobili and Tony Parker. While Tiago Splitter has been a much improved player this season Gortat is just better. Not to mention that Splitter's asking price this summer will likely be something only a little cheaper than Gortat's current deal.

Why it works for the Bucks:
They get Monta Ellis off their hands, get a likely mid-first round draft pick, and get a solid young player and his Bird right's in Splitter. They give up a non-factor in Joel Pryzbilla and only have to take on StackJack's expiring deal.

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