Saturday, December 15, 2012

Rookie File: Andre Drummond

Pegged as a boom or bust prospect before the draft, Drummond has been all boom so far.  When he gets the minutes, that is.  Lawrence Frank's refusal to play Drummond big minutes is infuriating considering the fact that Detroit's net rating (points scored per 100 possessions - points allowed per 100) takes nearly a 10 point swing for the better when Drummond plays per

He may have an unrefined offensive game, but he wreaks havoc on the effort/instincts/athleticism plays.  A combined 55.1% of his offensive is either cuts or offensive rebounds according to Synergy.  His rebounding especially is incredible.  He is fifth in offensive rebounding rate, ahead of players like Zach Randolph and Kenneth Faried.  He averages an astounding 13.3 rebounds per 40 minutes.  Drummond uses his superior athleticism and length take rebounds away from slower players and lightning quick second jump to finish.  Sadly, the stat to watch for him will be minutes per game and all we can do is watch and hope they go up soon.

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