Thursday, November 22, 2012

The Nets' Nifty Screen the Screener Play

I've talked extensively about screening the screener and its effectiveness in this space.  The idea is that the screener's man has to help off the screener, which frees the screener up to receive a screen.  Sounds confusing, huh?  It really is actually simple  The screen the screener can be added on to almost any play fairly easily.  Use it with a pick and pop and you have an open wing three.  Use it with a horns/flex look and you have an open jump shot or deep post position.  Or use it with a curl play which is what the Nets did on Tuesday.

Joe Johnson brings the ball up the court and bounces it to C. J. Watson on the wing.  One of the best things about this Nets team is its versatility.  Johnson can act as the point guard while Williams works off the ball or they can both go around off ball screens while Watson handles. 
Watson then enters the ball to Brook Lopez in the high post.  On the baseline, Kris Humphries and Williams set screens for the curling Johnson.  At this point the play is a standard curl to get Johnson an open jumpshot or isolation on the wing. 
Johnson comes around the screens and Brook Lopez delivers a pass to him.  The Lakers defend this part of the play perfectly.  While Johnson's man is stuck on the Humphries screen, Humphries' man, Dwight Howard, has to jump out and help.  Howard helps and doesn't let Johnson take the catch and shoot jumper.    
The Nets still have a trick up their sleeve, however.  Humphries sets a pick for Williams who is popping out to the baseline.  Normally in this instance Humphries' man will help out, but he is already helping out on Johnson.  This sort of play is becoming more and more common in the NBA.  Force the help defense one way only to go the other.
Williams steps out and cans the baseline J in an area he is shooting 50% from this season according to

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