Sunday, October 7, 2012

NBA Power Rankings: 4 for 4

The Sixers have their guy

Part three of DTA's power rankings series looks at four teams that will be looking to grab the four seed.

7. Denver Nuggets
The move for Andre Iguodala cannot be understated, but the biggest improvement will come from so many of the young players developing.  Outside of Andre Miller and Iguodala, every key contributer on the Nugget's roster is 26 or under.  That is just crazy.  Denver's biggest shortcoming this year will most likely be the lack of a consistent outside shot.  They aren't going to win a title any time soon, but at least they will bring fans to the Pepsi Center throughout the regular season and most likely to a couple of games after that.

8. Philadelphia 76ers
Before this offseason, Philadelphia was a team without direction.  Caught in no mans land,no true stars and no way to get stars.  That all changed this offseason.  The blockbuster Dwight Howard trade took away only Nikola Vucevic, and Moe Harkless and gave Philly Andrew Bynum and Jason Richardson.  In Bynum, the 76ers have a true franchise player.  The entire offense will run through him and I'm expecting the highest usage in the league.  The Sixers have two competent guards that can get Bynum the ball where he wants it and all kinds of shooters to spread the floor.  This team has ECF potential.

9. Los Angeles Clippers
The Clips have put together a nice roster, but there are still some flaws that will stop this team from advancing to a championship.  Their top two shooting guards are thirty with one coming of an Achilles and the other coming of the worst season of his career.  DeAndre Jordan will finish alley-oops and swat balls into the stands, but not much else and behind him is Ronny Turiaf.  The biggest flaw of course is coaching.  Vinny Del Negro will have to figure out a good rotation to keep everybody fresh.  At least there won't be any problems in crunch time when coach Paul steps in.

10. Memphis Grizzlies
Despite a quiet offseason, the Memphis is still one of the best teams in the west.  They still have one of the best front courts in the league and were an epic Clippers comeback away from the second round of the playoffs.  If this team wants to go far though, they have to trade Rudy Gay.  Memphis has two identities and the better one does not include the jump shooter Gay.  Despite what I believe will become a soap opera in the Gay situation, the Grizz are once again one of those teams that nobody wants to meet come playoffs.

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