Thursday, October 11, 2012

Andre Drummond Slips the Screen

With the ninth pick in the NBA draft the Detroit Pistons selected Andre Drummond.  Drummond is a high potential big man with all the tools, but tons of questions.  Drummond's debut went well as he racked up 12 points, 7 rebounds, 2 blocks, and 2 steals.  Two of those points came on a spectacular alley-oop player that showcased his athleticism.

Things start off with Will Bynum dribbling the ball at the top of the key and Andre Drummond setting a screen for the curling Correy Maggete.

In this situation, Amir Johnson (15) is supposed to help out on Maggete to insure he does not get any easy jump shot.  As you can see in the picture, Johnson is doing the right thing.  Drummond is diving to the basket though, which means some sort of weakside help needs to come.

The weakside defense is supposed to be Ed Davis ( guarding 31 on the Pistons), but by the time he even looks that way, Drummond is launching.

Here's what the play looked like in real time:

As you can see, its still the preseason and players are still figuring out their defensive rotations.  I have full faith in Dwayne Casey, who improved the Raps defense exponentially last year, to fix small things like this.  On the Detroit side, this play shows unexpected instincts/recognition from both Bynum and Drummond, which only bodes well for the future.

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